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Sa., 08. Juli



DIY Macrame-Motion-Workshop

The Macrame-Motion workshop is based on the objects of the SENSING VOLUMES installation.

DIY Macrame-Motion-Workshop

Zeit & Ort

08. Juli, 14:00 – 16:00 MESZ

Berlin, 12435 Berlin, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung

Learn more about SENSING VOLUMES and book your spot via crowdfunding or get in touch with me.

Price: 70€ (material included)

The Macrame-Motion workshop is based on the objects of the SENSING VOLUMES installation. Individuals of every experience level will get an introduction to the world of ropes, and how they can be used in connection to the human body. By learning an easy macrame technique, all participants will create their own, multi-purpose piece, which they can take home and continue using after the workshop. The piece can be hung from the ceiling, hooked onto some home furniture or simply used on one’s body parts, without any further props.

In the motion-part of the workshop, participants will learn some of the possibilities of the rope piece they’ve created. With improvisational techniques we will research movement, stretches and strength exercises which can be done with the piece.

The aim is to create an artistic home-decoration, to open up possibilities of movement explorations or simply to have an easy morning-stretch routine at home, participants will find their personal take-out of the workshop.

FANNI FÁBIÁN (Textile artist) Instagram: @nuff_textile

Fanni Fábián is a fiber artist and designer, influenced by manual ways of constructing materials. She studied Sustainable Material Driven Design in Copenhagen School of Design, where she researched the future ways of manufacturing fiber. In her work traditional techniques elevate to reflect contemporary concerns. The rope itself is the main red thread, emphasizing the opposites of connection and alienation, restriction and extension. She researches how to bend the borders between functional and abstract. Her label NUFF textile aims to create a link between home decor and art. Fanni looks for new ways of understanding textile design, beyond the 2 dimensional, and creates accessible pieces, inviting her audience to experience touch, proximity and intimacy.

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