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So., 23. Juli



Experience based workshop open level

Based on the SENSING VOLUMES installation

Experience based workshop open level

Zeit & Ort

1 weitere Termine

23. Juli, 12:30 – 15:30

Berlin, Mariannenpl. 2, 10997 Berlin, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung

Learn more about SENSING VOLUMES and book your spot via crowdfunding or get in touch with me.

Price: 30€ (one day), 50€ (two days)

The experience based SENSING VOLUMES workshop gives the opportunity to explore and experience the installation deeper with professional guidance by the artists.

The sound installation will be re-created to allow individuals from every background to interact with a highly reactive sound environment. This represents a unique opportunity as this technology is not easily available to the public.

The SENSING VOLUMES workshop unites improvisational techniques and reactive sound as well as a critical approach to spatial performance. Informed by the experience of developing SENSING VOLUMES and the research the artists conducted all individually and collaboratively, we have developed a workshop curriculum that focuses on deepening the sense of hearing and spatial awareness through moving blindfold and many other techniques.

We are interested in exploring how we can understand movement beyond predefined aesthetics, and how we can create spaces for collaboration and expression that unite multiple individualities on a single plane.



Felicitas Thomas

Founder of SENSING VOLUMES, Dancer


Instagram: @movement_unlimited_berlin

Felicitas is a multidisciplinary artist and therapist who is strongly influenced by dance and movement in general. Her practice spans the world of dance, movement, social practice and spatial practice -unifying these worlds into one cohesive artistic language.

In 2019 she founded the artistic concept MOVEMENT UNLIMITED, which connects all imaginable and non-imaginable possibilities of expression and research without any limitations. The main project of it is based on Felicitas research in moving blindfolded and teaching blind people and people with visual impairment in dance. MOVEMENT UNLIMITED-Blindfolded contains performances, workshops, classes as well as a therapeutic method.

In her projects she is constantly facing the question:

How can I make art more integrative, interactive and accessible?

Felipe Vareschi

Co-Founder of SENSING VOLUMES, Sound Artist


Instagram: @frmvar

Felipe is an Experimental Electronic Musician, Performer and Mastering Engineer based in Berlin. Their work explores the way people interact with objects, with a particular focus on the interactions between individuals, technology and nature.

Felipe Vareschi is developing a new musical language where interactions between electronics, sound objects, performers, and installation sites mimic social interactions and human-object networks. These techniques cover a broad range of approaches, including Generative Algorithmic Composition, Gestural Performance, Field Recording and Spatial Sound Installations.

Beyond the conceptual drive that motivates their sound practice, Felipe strongly believes in the unique power of sound to provoke discourse around the underlying systems that guide our everyday life. Inspired by the physical and imaginary sounds of everyday life, Felipe aims to empower listeners to value and participate in the soundscape around them and embrace the noise of interconnectedness.

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