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Sa., 29. Juli



Performance project for professionals-SENSING VOLUMES

Visual Artists, Sound Artists and Movement artists will collaborate and produce a small performance that connects movement, sound and visuals. Based on the SENSING VOLUMES-Installation

Performance project for professionals-SENSING VOLUMES

Zeit & Ort

29. Juli, 11:00 – 31. Juli, 17:00

Berlin, Uferstraße 23, 13357 Berlin, Deutschland

Über die Veranstaltung



Final showing in the group with professional video of the performance.

*For sound and visual artists, please consider the note below.

In this workshop, Visual Artists, Sound Artists and Movement artists will collaborate and produce a small performance that connects movement, sound and visuals. If you want to work with interactive systems, sensors and spatial sound, this workshop is right for you!

The SENSING VOLUMES workshop is based on the SENSING VOLUMES installation that is designed to translate body movement in a space into sound, as well as sound into real-time lighting and visuals.

Check the installation during the 48 hours Neukölln Festival in Berlin.

The workshop unites improvisational techniques, reactive sound and visual as well as a critical approach to spatial performance. Informed by the experience of developing SENSING VOLUMES and the research the artists conducted all individually and collaboratively, the team has developed a workshop curriculum that focuses on deepening the sense of hearing, seeing and spatial awareness multi-sensational.

We are interested in exploring how we can understand movement beyond predefined aesthetics, and how we can create spaces for collaboration and expression that unite multiple individualities on a single plane.

As a part of this workshop, the installation will be re-created to allow creatives from a performative background, sound artists and visual artists individuals and groups of dancers to interact with a highly reactive sound and visual environment. This represents a unique opportunity as this technology is not easily available to many artists.

Note for Visual and Sound artists:

We welcome a wide variety of styles but recommend you either have or build a basic knowledge of TouchDesigner, and its integration with the Kinect sensor and OSC messages to thrive in this workshop. We will give you online resources to help you with this, and a non-commercial license of touch designer is available for you to experiment with. (windows laptops are necessary for you to work with the Kinect platform)

This workshop is inherently collaborative, so we are particularly excited to involve artists who are interested in building practices across mediums.

To apply, please send us anything that presents you as an artist in the most authentic way.

A video, your motivation, a portfolio, a CV…choose what we should know about you, by yourself :)

Application deadline: 01.07.2023 11:59pm

Further information about SENSING VOLUMES and support via crowdfunding:

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