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"E V E R Y O N E  I S  A N   A R T I S T "

( B e u y s)

For me life is a circle of simply doing, researching, thinking and sharing without questioning about "Why?" and "What for?" that gives shape and sense to this life.  It drives us to  keep progressing.


I strongly belive that we all carry this treasure within us, that makes us unique.





The human body, movement as we perceive it and all of its possible facets

Why do I do it?

Because not doing it isn’t an option. 

As children we think that the world belongs to us. We take the time to simply observe, to just sit and witness our surroundings

For who do I do it?

For myself. 

As children we still find joy in the small things. 

When I am biking home on a sweltering summer evening, the warm air sweetly caressing my skin and generating goosebumps across my entire body.

Like when I sat on the small wall in front of our house, often for hours…

Then that smell of freshly mown grass in summer…

God, how I loved it. 

I look up into the sky...

A never-ending expanse...

The wildest colors...

Clouds pass me by, I take a deep breath… 


A feather in the wind, everything so light.

That feeling, when we couldn’t fall asleep at night because of our excitement for the coming day. 

We awoke in the morning and decided who we wanted to be that day: robbers, fruit vendors, lions.

When I swim out into the ocean, the clamor and power of the waves, my heart races...

I dive into the wave…


A shiver courses through my body...


We let ourselves be led by our intentions, our instincts, our impulses…


Life is limitless.

For a moment the world stands still, everything feels as simple and carefree as if a veil gently envelops me in safety...

Words escape me. 

The older we become, the more we are caught in our mechanisms, in our automated ways of living, the more we are in our heads.  We begin to analyze everything, we want to control everything, we search for reasons and explanations, attempt to understand it all and by doing so we usually end up restricting ourselves more and more.

My special Inspiration: Children. 

“There is no age in which everything is experienced so incredibly intensively as in childhood. Us grownups should remind ourselves how that was.” (Astrid Lindgren).

We forget the potential within us. We forget not to be so hard on ourselves and to accept. What could the others think?

This ease, this trust, this unselfconsciousness, this creativity, this honesty, this happiness, this curiosity, this patience. As children we think that 

With my work I begin where words are no longer enough. I create a space in which one can release, explore, play, learn, exhaust, come down… but above all a space where the aim is to find one’s own style.

Create a dialogue

between your body and your Self

through unlimited movement…

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