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My Personal Training is individually adapted, effective, goal-driven, diverse, holistic and motivating!

What to expect:

  • Main trainingsmethod: High-Intensity-Intervall-Training (HIIT)

  • Anamnesis.

  • Individual Training plan for home.

  • One on one Outdoor-Training with and without equipment.

  • Versatile impact of training skills

  • Sports: Fitness. dance, Martial arts, Yoga, Pilates

  • Mental work: Meditation, behavioral therapy embodiment

  • Nutrition: Allround, Vegan (I was vegan for 8 years), fasten, vegetarian

  • Holistic Health Coaching influenced by nutrition, psychotherapy, coaching and personality development.


  • Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie (Alternative Psychotherapist)

       Focus: Stressmanagement, Trauma,                              Behavioral therapy,

       Personal development​

  • Personaltrainer

  • Fitnesstrainer B-Licence

  • Pilatestrainer

  • Relaxation coach

  • Dance- and movementtherapist

  • Dance- and movementpedagogist

  • Dancer // Performer

"Going beyond my personal boundaries is what characterizes me and I want to encourage others to do the same."

Since my childhood I have been fascinated with bodies, movement and perception in all of its possible facets and their potential. I find my inspiration everywhere, I love to observe, to adapt, to question, learning from each others...

I have tried all kinds of sports, ranging from ball sports to martial arts and everything in between. Somewhere along the way, I discovered my passion for dancing. My curiousity and my deep interest into the human, the body and its essence, always pushed me to educate myself and to research autodidactically in any subjects.

As a teacher, a therapist as well as a human being this diversity has been reflected in my training. It is providing me with a wide pool of experience and is broadening my horizon tremendously.

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