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Creates a dialogue between your body and your Self

MOVEMENT UNLIMITED-Blindfolded is a movement concept to increase your body awareness as well as personality development. 

A concept that enables you to focus only on yourself, physically and explore your own boundaries...maybe redefine them and grow. 


What happens have to move blindfolded?

But who are you if there is nothing left, if you listen inside you?

Who are you if you have a space to concentrate only on yourself, away from consideration of aestetics or any expectations?

In 2018 I started to coach people with different backgrounds in motion with their eyes blindfolded. I didn't have any specific goal at the beginning. I was pushed by curiosity and somehow everything just happened...

Are you in touch with your deepest fantasies?

Have you created a life for yourself where you can experience them?

How does our movement change?

What do we perceive?

What do we learn about us as a person?

For me the most impressing was to see how deep we get in contact with ourselves as soon as we are blindfolded. 

It's like the whole world around you just stops!

In a society full of competition, full of comparing, full of performance pressure, we get lost in what we get taught, in what we get told, in what we get exemplified. 

Everything started with an experiment...

My aim: I want you to get you enthusastic in general  about conscious living, enhance your diversity and individuality and encourage you to go beyond your personal bounderies. I want to give you confidence and security in your movement and your actions to faciliate a sustainable and independent life for you.

Due to my many different influences from sports as well my training consits of a wide range of  impacts. 

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