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Body based one-on-one coaching/therapy to work purposefully on personal concerns and processes.

We concentrate on psychological and mental health.

Through moving with eyes blindfolded we build a connection to your body, to then have a look on conscious or unconscious topics and reflect on them.

The session can be indoor or outdoor.


Goal: Recognizing your patterns and working on them, learning to self-regulate, empowering and giving yourself a good feeling.

90 Minuten 80€*

*45 minutes first get to know each other for free.


Guided movement meditation with eyes blindfolded to create a deep connection between your body, mind and soul.


You will get led to the functionality and dynamic of your body and will learn to connect these elements  with creativity and sensation to explore the unlimited possibilities of movement. Beside discovering your individual movement you will work on technical elements like grounding, centering, stamina, mobility, strength which are the foundation of feeling comfortable and safe while moving.

The session will be outdoor.

Goal: overcome blockages and achieve a state of relaxation through movement and total exhaustion.

60 Minuten 60€

*45 minutes first get to know each other for free.


Collectively training and growing brings even more joy :)

Wanna have the experience with your training buddy, partner, or your favourite human being?

As a small group with friends or your flatmates?

Company training or workshops?



Individually created one-on-one training influenced by dance, martial art, meditation, mindfullness training and nutrition.

A physically challenging training accompanied by mental and biovegan nutritional coaching to train your personal mindfullness and build awareness. What makes it special is my holistic view of you as a being and an individual. For me the most important thing is to  figure out and discover what's best for you.

The training will be outdoor.


Goal: To accompany you on your way into a healthy, conscious, active but above all, a satisfied life.

60 Minutes 60€*

**45 minutes first get to know each other for free.

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