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Why do I write a blog?

That I would ever write a blog had never crossed my mind…I actually always thought that writing isn’t really my thing…and generally speaking, presenting myself to the public…

Well, I have now decided to run my own business…sole proprietorship.

In general, the center of my work is the humans who come to me, not myself. It has always been beautiful and fascinating to me to give space to others, to listen, to accompany them in their process, to experience vividly how they grow.

But why do come people to me, based on which criteria do they choose me?

Up until now MOVEMENT UNLIMITED-Blindfolded is not an approved nor an established method, like for example EMDR in therapy, Thai Massage in wellness or circuit training in fitness. If you read about it for the first time everything seems a bit elusive…yes, even for me it still is sometimes. Again and again processes get activated, new experiences are had, realizations achieved…Life is an infinitely evolving process.

The philosophy and the method of MOVEMENT UNLIMITED connects not only bodywork, therapy and any artistic expression but reflects expression holistically, in itself unlimited. Never fixed, always open for change…we are after all learning our whole lives.

Holistic…we are now getting down to the crux of all that…Holistic nowadays is a sort of a fashionable term, especially in medicine. To understand the body and psyche as belonging together.

The whole, overlooking everything…and going even further to see and perceive oneself as part of the whole.

„The whole being more than the sum of its parts.“ (Aristoteles)

Thus, holism describes a kind of organism which can be created by the merging and interaction of multiple individual components. A complex self-sustaining, self-propagating system, like a biosystem. Whereby a biosystem is also just a component of an ecosystem, which then actually means that an ecosystem is equated to „the whole“. Ecosystems are formed by a habitat and the living organisms within it and have three essential characteristics:

They are dynamic, complex, open.

Open means a seamless transition to other ecosystems. So an ecosystem is only a part of a whole. Many ecosystems build the ecosystem „earth“. The earth then again is part of a galaxy together with billions of other stars. Countless other galaxies build the universe…

The term „universe“ includes the meaning of „all“. Consequently, a physical space outside the universe doesn’t exist, because a border behind which anything and everything could be is logically excluded by the definition of the universe, of space…unlimited…

Unlimited is not equal to infinite. For example, a spherical surface, it’s unlimited but finite at the same time. I could walk straight ahead on and on, would pass by my starting point but would never cross a border.

The universe can be infinite but doesn’t need to be. We will probably never prove the infinite, because we come up against our own limits of observability…but never say never…

There we are…

Holism as unlimited limitedness or unlimited limitlessness?

But now back to original topic…

Why do I write this Blog?

Precisely because all my thoughts, my actions, my doings are a part of me. The sum of all particles and even more…

As a spirit I want to be transparent, tangible, authentic.

I want to look at a wide range of different topics and areas, from all conceivable perspectives… without dividing into „right“ or „wrong“. I want to stand up for what I believe in and at the same time stay non-judgemental, giving space for inspiration and exchange…learning from each other.

I believe in diversity and versatility. I truly believe that every being brings something very special and meaningful into our community. Into our organism, our biosystem, our ecosystem, our universe…into our world!

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