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Project description

SENSING LANDSCAPES is a project that creates an interactive experimental playground provoking the visitor to take action, to rethink, to experience or simply to have fun. It is designed to expose interaction and build awareness of our senses beyond the visual. The space is curated with a multidimensional apparatus to trigger the spectator to catch the moment and constantly transform it to an irreproducible happening. The landscape offers an eternal possibility of change and an ever-unique manifestation of the presence.


SENSING LANDSCAPES invites people to build new connections and tear down old ones. The interactive textile sculptures stimulate sensation of material and even further curates spaces where multiple individualities can coexist and collaborate with each other.


The project situates movement, textile and sound in the same space, merging these three mediums into a single volume. 


Through the exhibition, we explore with the participants:

How do we relate to our environment through our senses and perceptions?

How to reconstruct movement and sensation of space non-visually?

The Performance


SENSING LANDSCAPES performances involve a single blindfolded performer in an movement-driven multichannel interactive fiber art and sound environment. The performer communicates their movement to the modular sculptures that are operating as sensors. This two-way interactive dialogue creates a completely unique performance every time.


SENSING LANDSCAPES is a creative collaboration between movement and textile artists - Felicitas Thomas and Fanni Fábián. The duo is designing performances, installations and workshops where material and movement become part of the same vocabulary.

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